Staffaholic, noun, [staff-a-haw-lik,]: a person addicted to staffing and pursuit of delivering magnificent people to growing companies.

Parrotthead, iPhone junkie, super hero wanna be, dances while driving.

Our Mission: To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

​I'm honored to be involved with the Moneywise Program and the GlobalX mission trip organizations.


                                           Me Me Me.  Here's A Little About Me

I started my career as an engineer.  After crawling around installing computers (in suits and heels) I noticed the sales people were having a lot more fun and getting free meals. I was all about free meals.
I went to the dark side - sales. Computer Hardware. Who knew that I could dig deep into working with OEM engineers getting my products spec'd in?

Then I decided consulting firms seemed a lot more swanky. I'm all about swanky. I became a Business Developer delivering mega smart consultants into client engagements in the Telecom and Technology industry. Met great people.  Attended great parties. Still got free meals.
Got a brilliant idea in 1997. Raise a teen, have a baby AND start a new business at the same time. Peak Resource Group was born.  It's amazing how productive you can be on two hours of sleep and lots of Diet Coke. Oh, to be young again.
Fast Forward 2014.  Older son grown.  Baby in college. Business going strong. But I was antsy. It was time for another reinvention...of business and of self.
In 2015 Peak was acquired  by Kinetix. Working with industry leaders to create strategic approaches to solve client Talent Acquisition issues??  Sign me up.  I'm ready. Other than having my first expense report kicked back 3 times (the last expense report I did was in 1997. Who knew?) I'm jazzed about the adventure.  And I'm able to  continue my life quest for more free meals.

About Me

Personal Stuff

Browns Bridge Church

Little Known Facts:
-Loves YELLOW cars. Has owned 12

-Parrot head. Has seen Jimmy Buffett 30+ times as far away as Paris

-Has met both James Brown and Prince Charles.

-Was a rock and roll drummer. 

-Mom to Raylan #raylanthewonderdog who IS the most interesting dog in the world.

 Jacki Neal, Certified Staffaholic


Our Mission:  We seek on a holistic basis to improve the spiritual and physical development of Haitian communities through Jesus Christ.  We hope to initiate a sense of love, dignity, fellowship, respect and creativity in a healthy and Christ centered ministry. Women from Dependency for Self-Sufficiency.